16-Year-Old Says Goodbye to Family Before Brain Surgery – Heart-Wrenching Moment | 24 Hours in


a 16 year old boys, been rushed to st. George’s after hitting his head on concrete following a fight with a friend, George was sitting down in the latest front garden, and the lady was sitting next to him with her holding A tear on the back of his head, he was screaming, he was grabbing hold of us.

I just know that something wasn’t right and we had to get into hospital quick. So we pitch mark the hospital and when you first got a call, he’s really badly sick and that’s. Really interesting. Mergency doors collapsed after examining George, his parents, local hospital decided to transfer him to some George’s with a suspected bleed on the brain such time she’ll close at the back of his brain and, at the same time, is got A fracture which he goes along, one of the major veins in the brain, and maybe that’s where he’s bleeding from.

If someone has such a big blood clot, usually there will be in a coma, but tomorrow seems to have held off oculus. Okay, yeah neurosurgeons now have the full results of George’s. Ct scan substantial, explore the extremities opening in the scuffle.

I check it off mr. stroke a twister by do you agree, proceed! Yeah! Okay, thank you open! I wake up. You realize how much you speak to mom some more fish come on. Oh beachie, mom! Well, I’m, just worried.

I love your mom. Come on right, they’re, not going away. You’ll, be fine! You do better when you wake up. Christ join us to walk with you, I was in hospital after the surgery for about four days.

They were all shocked that that should have been, because I should have been in there for like a week or so he was so so lucky yeah really lucky you

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