Types of Weight Loss Exercise Programs and How They Work

Each and every time we hear the words “weight” and “loss” there will surely be a “diet” and “exercise” not far behind it. Well, if you are planning to take your weight loss regime seriously, you must first start off with fixing your diet and follow it by picking the right exercise for you.

But picking the ideal weight loss exercise program for each individual should be studied carefully and decided critically. Not all exercise are the same and each person has their own capacity and capability that will affect what type of exercise program that they will be using.


Choosing Your Course

Before you get to choose your exercise routine, you need to take consideration of the following factors that you are currently on or will be in the future.

Physical Capability

Your physical capacity is your number one priority. Ask yourself “can I handle this type of exercise?” and “will my doctor recommend this program for me?” These can greatly affect your choice of program. In addition, take note of the following factors that you have:

  • Age

  • Health Problems

  • Cardio Health

  • Muscle Strength

  • Way of Living

Amount of Weight Loss Goal

You need to set your ideal goal before you start. So that you will know if your workout has paid off or is working for you. Remember, sometimes you need to try several workouts before you find the right program that your body can adapt to.

What to Focus On

Know what you want to focus on with the aid of the exercise program. Do you want to have a lean and fit body? Or do you want to be a bit “beefy” and gain some muscles along the way? Or do you just want to strengthen you cardio capability or your muscle tone? Answering these questions will guide you in choosing the right program for you.

Picking the Right Program

Once you have your mind set on what you want to do and you have a clearer outlook on what your ideal program plan is, then it’s time to choose the right program for you. Of course, like what I have previously mentioned, each exercise have different specialty. So better to know what you really want before you pick a program. Here are some of the basic weight loss exercise programs available.

The Beginner’s Program

This type of exercise program is intended for and audience who prefer a slow paced yet “not too exhausting” experience. The beginner’s program are for those who either have the following conditions:

  • First time weight loss people

  • People who have a delicate health condition

  • People who are just starting to do exercise programs

The program will usually allow a three day full body workout and two to three days or cardio exercise and stretching. This schedule can be alternately arranged to accommodate a fixed schedule that lasts for a week.

If you think that you belong to this group, there are perks to look forward to. First off, this program will give you a good balance of both strength and cardiovascular work. Next is that your body will increase its capability to burn calories making your excess fat deposits vanish.  Finally, this program does not have any exercise that is “too complex” or “too hard” to accomplish.

The 3 week Diet

The three week diet is the actually an overall program that encompasses three major factors when dealing with weight loss. These are:

  • Diet

  • Work Out

  • Motivational Mindset

In order to correctly process this program, you need to di it step-by-step. First you adjust and reinvent your diet. Next comes the exercise program that amazingly is not that hard to do. In fact, this program promises that its exercise includes one of the most common things we do in our daily life. But let me keep quiet and let you figure out what the exercise program is all about.

The Six week Moderate Program

This program is especially designed for those who not only want to lose weight but also gain some muscles and make their body lean and sculpted. This is a more intensive type of program that can be handled by people who:

  • Have previous experience with exercise programs and gym workoutsweight-loss-exercise

  • Has a more stronger body core

  • Has a durable cardio and muscle status

The program starts by making your diet more acceptable to accommodate the exercise that you will be undergoing. The diet need to assure you that it will give you all the nutrients you need to fuel your body for the program.

In addition, the program starts with a mild routine and with each week that passes by will become more and more extensive and complex.  It will also include several forms of cardio work out, weights that increases its number per week and even additional dietary and weight loss supplements.

As you can see, there are different weight loss exercise programs depending on the type of person you are, your goal and your lifestyle and capability to perform these exercises. Just remember to always start slow and do not overdo it. Just let your body adapt on its own along its given course. Remember, it is more rewarding to achieve something out of hard work that to get it immediately without effort.

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