Do Not Ignore the Warning Signs Found on Your Face

In our routine day to day lives, we always find time to look in the mirror to check how we look and if everything is all set and ready for the day. But sometimes, what we fail to realize is that our face is literally the window to our health. This includes the fact that our face shows “warning signs” that our body lacks certain deficiencies and most of them comprises of our body’s vitamin and mineral levels.

Knowing these signs can give us a clear “heads-up” that we need to take extra precaution for our health. It signals that our bodies are needed to be nourished properly and, amazingly, shows what particular deficiency we need to correct.

Your Face Says It All

Our face is not only our means to show our emotions and how we feel, it also says much about our health as long as we keep a keen observation of it. There are several common issues that we would usually see when we check ourselves in the mirror every day. But it does not solely mean that we are “getting old”. In fact, these changes can denote a vitamin deficiency that we need to correct in our system. Listed below are the top six facial changes that correlates to a particular vitamin or mineral deficiency.


If you happen to notice wrinkle formation on your face at an early age, then this means that you are lacking a vitamin deficiency. Of course, knowing this can help you become knowledgeable enough to correct this lack of vitamins in your body as early as possible. Here is a quick rundown of the deficiency that needs to be addressed:

Deficiency: Vitamin K2­

Vitamin K is generally called “Koagulationsvitamin” and is responsible for activating calcium binding properties of protein. Its sub-category K2 is known as “Menaquione” and is used to activate proteins which regulates calcium all across the body.

  • What to eat:
    • Natto-is a famous Japanese food very, very rich in Vitamin K2. It is the product of fermented soy beans that Japanese people usually eat during mornings. That is why they have lesser wrinkles and finer, smoother skin.
    • Goose Liver
    • Certain Cheeses-Gouda and Brie cheese
    • Animal fats-like egg yolks
    • Butter
    • Lard
  • Supplement: 182mcg/day

Pale Complexion

Apart from having a pale complexion, try to check your tongue and its surface texture. If your tongue is smooth (which is opposite of its healthy version which is rough) accompanied by fatigue and poor memory, then it is also a sign of a vitamin deficiency. Listed below is all you need to know about it.signs-tongue-pale

Deficiency: Vitamin B 12 (Cobalamin)

The primary function of this vitamin is to regulate the function of the brain and your body’s entire nervous system. It is also responsible for the composition of red bold cells and regulates and creates DNA.

  • What to eat:
    • Found in animal sources only
      • Wild caught fish
      • Shellfish
      • Grass fed meat
      • Organic poultry
      • eggs
    • Supplement: 50 mcg/day

Hair Problems

Hair issues that relate to a particular vitamin deficiency includes the likes of dandruff, dry scalp, brittle hair and hair loss. If you are having these issues then you need to take a look at the deficiency written below.

Deficiency: Vitamin B 7 (Biotin)

This vitamin is responsible for metabolizing your body’s carbohydrates and fats. It also supports your body’s adrenal functions and maintain proper nervous system conduction.

  • What to eat:
    • Cauliflower
    • Egg yolk
    • Mushroom
    • Fish
    • Legumes
    • Potatoes
    • Spinach
  • Supplement: 50mcg/day

An additional “need to know” when you are trying to increase your Vitamin B7 intake is to stay clear from egg whites. Egg whites tend to disrupt the Biotin absorption of your body. Also, take necessary precautions when taking antibiotics because it also decreases your body’s absorption of Vitamin B7. 

signs-puffy-eyesPuffy Eyes

Having puffy eyes accompanied by bloated legs, weight gain, dry skin and brittle nails is another warning sign that your body is lacking a mineral source. This particular deficiency and how to cure it is written below.

Deficiency: Iodine

Iodine plays a vital role for our body’s thyroid function. It also aids in brain development in infancy. It is also a good detoxing agent.

  • What to eat:
    • Table salt
    • Salt water fish
    • Sea vegetables-sea weed (nori), hijiki, kelp and dulse
    • Cranberries
    • Potatoes
    • Strawberries
    • Beans
  • Supplement: 150mcg/day

Pale Lips

There are other visible signs that can add to the aforementioned pale lips. These warning signs include paleness of the inner lower eyelids and gums. If you notice that you are getting pale in these areas, then you need to take note of the information written below.

Deficiency: Iron

Iron is the most well know mineral found in your body. Its primary job is to keep your blood healthy and flowing all throughout your body. Iron deficiency is more commonly seen in women as compared to men. This is also the reason why sometimes you crave weird things like eating dirt, clay or ice. This is our body’s way of saying that it needs Iron badly.

  • What to eat:
    • Red meat
    • Dried beans
    • Spinach
    • Fish
  • Supplement: 8mg/day

Gum Issues

Gum issues related to tenderness or bleeding is not the only signs you need to observe. You also need to check if you have brittle hair, leg rashes, and nails or even joint or muscle aches. If you have these warning signs then you need to read the details below to correct them.


Deficiency: Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a very powerful antioxidant that helps your body refuel and regenerate. This includes your body tissues, bones, muscles, blood vessels and even your skin. It also aids in faster absorption of Iron in the body.

  • What to Eat:
    • Citrus
    • Cantaloupe
    • Berries
    • Kiwi
    • Mango
    • Papaya
    • Pineapple
    • Watermelon
    • Red peppers
  • Supplement: 250mg/day

It pays to be observant and knowledgeable when it comes to health. Treating a deficiency in an early stage can prevent it from worsening into a fatal disease. It also pays to know the right amount of vitamin and minerals you need to have daily to keep your body fit, healthy and functioning properly all throughout each day that you live.

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