The Other Side of Toothpaste – Your new Household Helper

toothpasteIsn’t it amazing when you figure out that one thing can do a totally different job that is out of bounds with its original purpose? It leaves you in awe and amazement knowing that it can be so versatile that the limit of its use is now, well, limitless. For sure you will try each of these possibilities out just to find out how effective and true they are.toothpaste

One of the most versatile bathroom product can be found in each and every household across the whole world and it is just sitting there doing just one thing, cleaning your teeth. The humble toothpaste is known for its oral care benefits but what most people do not know is that it can do so much more that clean and whiten your teeth and mouth.

Two-Faced Toothpaste

Toothpaste is made up of a number of ingredients that, when used in a particular task, can give us great results. From cleaning the sink to shining your jewelries, toothpaste can provide us with the assistance and outcome which is as good as when we use other household items.

Try using inexpensive toothpastes that are also plain with no whiteners, tartar remover, gels and the likes. Using the plain white paste is more effective and applicable for most household chores. Here are some of the most famous household hacks that our toothpaste can give us.

a. A Good Cleaner

Dirt, grime, scratch marks and even oily containers can now be cleaned thoroughly by just using toothpaste.  Check out these easy tips for a ‘”clean sweep”.

  • Linoleum mark remover

A linoleum floor can suffer quite the beating as time passes on and will have its fair share of “battle scars”. Regain your floor’s beauty by simply applying toothpaste to a dry cloth and rub the affected areas gently to remove the marks. Rinse it off using cold water once there are no more marks left.

  • Crayon “art” on walltoothpaste

Have kids? Then there is always a “crayon art” in one or even all of your walls. Now you can take a picture of your kid’s masterpiece as a remembrance before erasing it using toothpaste. Before doing so, test the toothpaste by applying a small amount of it on your wall to see if it won’t cause any damage to your wall. Using a damp cloth, apply a little bit of toothpaste and rub it gently on the “art” your little ones made and let it dry out for the whole day. Rinse it off using a wet, cold cloth.

  • Baby bottles and containers

Over time, baby bottles and milk containers will inevitably acquire that oily feel and sour smell. Remove it by simply making a water-toothpaste mixture and scrub it thoroughly. Make sure to rinse off the mixture meticulously as well before you give it to your baby.

  • Refrigerator grime remover

Most of us have a hard time removing the grime on the small folds of our refrigerator because we do not have the appropriate materials for it. Now we can use an old toothbrush that is toothpaste-filled and scrub the inside folds of the refrigerator seals. Rinse it off using a damp cloth afterwards.

 b. Marks and Stain Remover

Pesky scratches, dirt marks or unwanted marks on your clothes, furniture or even on your appliances that you want to get rid of? No need to buy expensive household cleaners and use the powerful toothpaste to remove those unwanted marks. Here are some examples of how effective toothpaste with marks and stain removal.

  • Carpet stains

Squeeze a desired amount of toothpaste onto the carpet stain (depending on how bog the stain is) and scrub it off using an old toothbrush. Concentrate on just the stain area to avoid it from spreading. Rinse and repeat this process until the stain is gone.

  • Leather markstoothpaste

Having problems with your leather chair, shoes, purse or coats with scratches and marks? Then use toothpaste to remove it in a fast and easy way. Using toothpaste which is non-whitening or bleach free, apply a desired amount of it and rub it gently using a soft cloth. Rinse it off using a damp cloth.

  • Watermarks

No coaster issues are now a thing of the past with the help of toothpaste. Clean those wooden surfaces with rim stains by simply applying a non-gel, white toothpaste and gently rub it along the rim line. Rinse off using a damp cloth then a dry one. Make sure to focus only on the rim so as not to damage the wooden surface.

  • Clothe stains

If the toothpaste remedies works with carpets, then it will work well for clothes as well. Do the same step as you would with carpet stain and focus on the stained area. But do not get your hopes up too much because not all stains can be removed by toothpaste. But ink stains and collar stains are sure to be removed with toothpaste.

c. Buffer Buddy

Having brass, silver, gold, glass or anything that you can think of as a surface that needs a good buffering and cleaning, toothpaste has your back. These are just some of the things that toothpaste can buff and beautify.

  • Jewel Sparkler and Diamond Shiner

Jewelries need to shine and sparkle to make it more attractive and beautiful, and so does diamonds. Toothpaste can help you with keeping your precious treasures always looking stunning. For silver jewelries, rub them with toothpaste and leave it on overnight. Rinse it of using a soft, damp cloth the following day. For diamonds, use and old toothbrush and apply a pea-size amount of toothpaste with a little bit of water and start rubbing it gently onto the diamond. Rinse it thoroughly using cold water. Keep in mind that this method should never be used for pearls because it will damage it.

  • Metal polisher (including Bathroom and kitchen faucets)toothpaste

Toothpaste works wonders when cleaning metals. Regardless if it is a musical instrument, pots, pans or even your own faucets, toothpaste can bring back its luster and sparkle. All you need to do is to apply a desired amount of toothpaste on a soft cloth and rub vigorously until you are able to get that “shine” you want. Remove the excess residue with the use of a damp cloth. Now you don’t have to worry about the chemical components that the other metal cleaners have.

  • Cell phone screens

Scratches from unprotected cell phone screens can now be treated using toothpaste. Just use your finger or a cloth and apply a pea –sized amount of toothpaste and lightly rub it on the screen. Rinse it off with a damp cloth and follow it up with a dry one. Just make sure not to get your phone too wet though.

d. A Fragrance Necessity

Who doesn’t love that sweet, minty scent that toothpaste can give? Now you can use that scent to get rid of unwanted smelly odors found around your household. Here are some great examples of smell-busting toothpaste works.

  • Removes “Icky-Odors” on drains

Kitchen drains can be smelly especially when it is not cleaned regularly. Remove that smelly scent by squeezing a line of toothpaste around the rim of the sink hole and leave it to rest for a whole minute. Afterwards, turn on the tap and let the toothpaste flow down the drain. This will coat the insides of the pipe with its minty scent.

  • Tupperware deodoranttoothpaste

Tupperware’s that are stored for a long period of time with their lids on will smell old and musty eventually. Get rid of that unwanted smell by scrubbing toothpaste on it using an old toothbrush and leave it on for a few minutes before you rinse it off.

  • Sink smell-away

Kitchen and bathroom sinks tend to become dirty and smelly due to overuse. Make it look all brand new again by simply using your excess toothpaste. The next time you accidentally drop a little bit of toothpaste on the sink, leave it there. After you are done brushing your teeth, use an old toothbrush and scrub the sink using the “wasted toothpaste”.  You will not only have a shiny sink but also a minty fresh smelling one, talk about hitting two birds with one stone.

These are just some of the hundreds of things that a tube of toothpaste can do. Now we do not have to spend an insane amount of money just to keep our household spic and span. We can now just leave it up to good-old toothpaste to help us get the job done.

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