Rooibos Tea Benefits Reviewed – All You Need to Know About Red Tea

We all know that the fastest way our body can absorb what we take in is when we drink it. Be it a healthy blend of fruity smoothie or juiced up veggie blend, it get absorbed more quickly because it does not need that much effort in order to be broken down. That is why there are a lot of drinking options to choose from if you want to be healthy and fit. Among these options are the famous teas, including the sweet yet healthy “red tea”. If you want to know why you should add this “red drink”, commonly known as the “rooibos tea” to your health menu, read along and find out how you and your body can benefit from

Red Tea – Learn All About it

Green, black, red tea, there are a lot of options to choose from but what is the best choice for you? If you are not that much of a fan for the strong and earth green tea, then you should try the sweet and flavorful taste of the red tea.

  • Red Tea Rundown

Let us first get things straight, red tea is not actually a because of the fact that it does not contain the main ingredient “Camellia sinensis” plant in it. It originated from a shrub which is a member of the legume family that is indigenous to the mountains of South Africa. But nonetheless, it is considered as a tea because of how it is processed, made and prepared.

  • More Types of Red Tea

Now when you go about your daily routine and would want to have a go with red tea, you would probably notice that sometimes, you get either your “red” colored tea or a darker colored almost “black” tea. Ever wonder why it is so? Well the answer is simple, the tea type depends on the origin of where the tea is from.

Basically, there are two famously known types of red tea that is readily out in the market. These are the “red tea” which is commonly known as the “rooibos tea” in the Western areas and the “black tea” from China which is more famously called “hong cha”. Obviously, the latter tea class is more popular in the Eastern areas. But with two very prominent “red tea” types, you are wondering what the differences are between them. Let’s discuss these two types of red tea as simple as possible.

Let us start off with the rooibos tea. This type of tea is actually a type of tisane or a herbal infusion with ingredient (Aspalathus linearis) are native to South Africa. It is known for its sweet yet woody-earthy flavor.

On the other hand, the black tea from China hailed its name because in traditional Chinese teas, their “tea type” is named based on the color of its infusion. In this situation, black tea hails from dark leaves which gives a lighter color after being made a tea. Similar to rooibos tea, the hong cha tea tastes sweet, earthy, and woody and sometimes even have a flowery, fruity or even chocolatey flavor.

  • Red Tea, Green Tea, Which is It?red-tea

With another new addition to your daily healthy choice of drink, you will now be in a dilemma in choosing which tea is better and healthier. The battle between red and green tea has always been a hot debate that most people undergo. But let us breakdown each of their pros and cons.

When it comes to health benefits, each of these teas have their own respective forms of health aids. But more importantly, both of these drinks are full of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals and cancer-fighting agents that our body will greatly benefit in. So it is safe to say that when it comes to health benefits, red and green tea are a tie.

Now it all comes down to the taste and who can use it. For green tea, the taste is a little bit stronger and bitter taste that mostly adults can tolerate. Whereas for the red tea, it has a sweeter and more acceptable flavor that even kids can enjoy. In fact, some even give red tea to babies to aid with their colic problems.

  • How To Make Red Tea

Making red tea, or any tea for that matter, takes a long and tedious process from harvesting the leaves to deoxidizing them and finally making them into readily made tea bags. Luckily for us, teas have a faster and easier way to make. We only need a cup of hot water, your selected red tea brand and a few minutes (even seconds) of dipping the tea bag into the water. All you need to do is to figure out how long you should dip the tea bags to get your desired tea strength and flavor.

Red Tea Benefits

Having health benefits accompanying our desired drink is always a plus for anyone who is health conscious and would want to keep a healthy lifestyle. Red tea is one great example of healthy beverage because it is packed with so many vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants and minerals that it can cover a lot of health aliments and diseases and can even heal you prevent certain illnesses from being acquired. Here are some health benefits of red tea.

  1. Caffeine Free

Yes, this type of tea is caffeine free, this means lesser palpitations and stress to your blood vessels. So trade you regular cup of coffee with this drink and you will feel more revitalized and fresh.

  1. Packed with Antioxidants

Red tea is loaded with antioxidants that helps our body to fight against free radicals that can damage our organs and eventually, our health. It has namely the two polyphenol antioxidants called “aspalathin” and “nothofagin” that prevents inflammation, further cell damage and helps regenerate

  1. Can fight against cancer

Antioxidants are a big part in the fight against Cancer, which is why most Cancer diets suggests foods rich in antioxidants. Apart from having this positive property, red tea also prevents the cell mutation caused by Cancer cells.

  1. Strengthens bones

One of the pros that the red (or black) tea has the no other tea have is its ability to absorb iron into the bones. This is due to the “Tannins” content of the tea that other type of teas does not have.

  1. Relieves Certain ailments

With so many healthy factors that red tea can give our bodies, its consumption can literally help our body fight against any health issues from our head down to our toes. Some of these health problems are as follows:

  • Skin condition (Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema, Skin allergies, Skin inflammation)-due to its Phyenil pyretic acid.
  • Anti-Parkinson’s/Alzheimer’s-due to its anti-oxidizing properties that fight against free radicals
  • Stomach Complaints (Stomach Spasm, Cramps, Diarrhea, Indigestion)-due to the flavonoid called “quercetin” which aids in abdominal ailments
  • Lowers blood pressure-due to its “Chysoeriol” property, it can improve blood circulation and prevents enzymes that can trigger cardiovascular diseases.
  • Treats allergies-due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties.
  1. Enhances Sleep


Because of its soothing and calming taste and scent (not to mention caffeine free content) red teas are a great way to send you to sleep. The best part is that you can drink it as much as you want anytime you want and it will not affect you sleep or wake time.

  1. Delays Aging

The antioxidants found in red tea is enough to keep you your and age more slowly. Its fight against free radicals prevent our body from “degenerating” and keep it young and fit. It also boost our immune system making our body a prefect warrior against illnesses and diseases.

Drinking the right type of fluid is crucial when you want to achieve that overall healthy body and lifestyle. Red tea can give you that satisfaction while you still enjoy the taste and the aroma it gives off. Now who says that being healthy means you must give up those delicious drinks and food. Red tea is a great example of keeping healthy AND having fun doing it.

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