Onion Warrior – Your Guide to Onion Health Benefits

Onion is probably one of those vegetables that is always present in any household. It give a pungent odor but provides us with delectably tasting dishes. It’s no wonder we still go and buy these little “cry bombs” everytime we go grocery shopping

But most of us forget the fact that onions have medicinal and health values as well. They are very powerful that they can even aid in diminishing cancer cell growth. If you love to eat this vegetable, then you can read along and know everything you need to know about it.

What’s in an Oniononionsonions

Before we get to know the medicinal and health benefits that we can get from onions, we need to know why and how it gives us that type of cure or relief. Knowing something inside out is the best way of understanding it. And like the many layers of an onion, we are able to get numerous sustenance and nutrients out of it.

Onion as a whole

Onions are included in the vegetable family of Allium. It is under the same family as chives, leeks, garlic and scallions. Vegetables under the Allium family tend to have a very pungent scent but also provides a ton of medicinal properties.

Onions vary in both color and taste. The most famous colors are red, white and yellow. As for the latter, the taste can go from sweet and juicy to sharp and spicy. All these characteristics depends on the time these vegetables are grown, harvested and consumed.

Onion’s Nutritional Content


Onions, as previously mentioned, have so many nutritional benefits that this small vegetable can cover a healing property from head to toe. The reason for this is because onion is a nutrient-dense food. This means that it has a very low sodium, fats, cholesterol and caloric content.

On the plus side, it has a very high vitamin, mineral and antioxidants (mainly quercetin and sulfur) content that is generally useful and health beneficial to every part of your body. It also contains minimal amount of calcium, iron, folate, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium.

Health Benefits from Onion Consumption

Now that we are more familiar with what the onion can offer us health wise, we can now better understand how it reacts to our body and the possible health issues it has. Here are some of the major health benefits that can be alleviated or cured by onions.

  • Cancer Fighter

Onions tend to cure several different kinds of cancer especially those that are related to our digestive system. Allium vegetables are rich in organosulfur compounds. This inhibits the growth and mutagenesis of tumors and also prevents free radicals from attacking the body. It also has a high vitamin C antioxidant content that also combats free radicals. Some examples of cancer cures are written below.

  1. Colon Cancer

With the help of the fiber in onions, it will decrease the risk of colorectal cancer. Consuming seven servings of onions per week will decrease the chances of having this illness.


  1. Prostate Cancer

It has been recorded that men who consume a high number of onions or any other Allium vegetables are those falling under the lowest prostate cancer formers. This is because of its antioxidants and high nutritional values.

  1. Esophageal and Stomach Cancer

Not only onions, but consumption of Allium vegetables are found to inhibit the formation of tumors and even its mutagenesis.

  • Mood and Sleep Disorder Cure

Mood and sleep issues can be alleviated with the help of the folate content found in onions. Folate in general, prevents the chemical build-up of homocysteine which is responsible for preventing blood and other nutrients to circulate to the brain properly. Excessive production of this chemical also interferes with our body’s production of “good hormones” mainly serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine. These hormones are responsible for our body’s reaction towards our mood, sleep and even appetite.

  • Natural Skin and Hair Treatment

Because of the high vitamin C content of onions, it helps aid in taking care of our skin and hair. It helps build collagen formation and makes sure that these collagen agents stay in our bodies for a long time.

  • Immune System Warrior

The polyphenol content of onions releases antioxidants that help our body fight against free radicals and even eradicate those free radicals that are in our bodies. This act allows our bodies to have an even stronger immune system. In addition, the antioxidant quercetin lowers allergic reactions by stopping the excessive histamine production of our body.

  • Blood Sugar Balanceblood-sugar

Onions have two medicinal properties that helps our body maintain and control its blood sugar levels. First is chromium which is responsible for regulating the blood sugar level. The second is the antioxidant sulfur. Its action is to lower the blood sugar level by signaling our insulin production to increase in content.

  • Heals Infection

For so many centuries, onions are known to cure and reduce bodily inflammation and even heal infections. This is due to the antioxidant sulfur. Quercetin also aids in lessening inflammation by relaxing muscles especially in the airways, relieving asthma attacks.

  • Heart Care

Onions can help prevent life threatening heart conditions by lowering blood pressure and preventing plaque build-up. The first role is done by the antioxidant sulfur. It acts as a natural blood thinner that prevents aggregation of platelets and even its clustering. Then the next antioxidant, quercetin, will prevent further possible risk of heart attacks and stroke.

  • Digestion Buddy

Onion has an ample amount of fiber that not only promotes digestion but also regulates it. In addition, onions have a special type of soluble fiber called oligofructose. This particular fiber promotes the growth of good bacteria in the intestines. This prevents and treats diarrheal attacks.

“Onion on Neck” Regime

There is a very old medicinal tradition that uses an onion to cure a lot of health issues. way possible. If you are not that phased about the onion odor then you can try this method out.


You should do this steps before you go to sleep at night. First thing that you need to do is to get an onion. Then you should cut it in half. By doing so, it will allow the juices of the onion to leak out. Take note that the juices from the onion is the main “star” of this routine so the more juices the better.

Next thing you need to do is to get half of the onion and place it at the back of your neck with the cut portion in contact with your skin. Massage it gently and in a circular motion as long as you see fit. Leave the juices of the onion on your neck and do not wash it. That means you have to sleep smelling like an onion. But there will be significant changes once you wake up. You will probably be greeting the day with a smile because what you were complaining about the day before has been minimized or even vanished.

Having ample knowledge about what you eat can give you a leverage especially when it comes to health. Onions are very rich in nutritional sources that you can use to cure whatever it is you are feeling. But the bottom-line is to start eating healthy and maintain that nutritional diet.

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