Hypnosis for Weight Loss and What You can Get From It

There are so many ways that you can choose if you decide to loose weight and get back to the healthy you that you once were. But admittedly, a lot of people find it hard to maintain and even say that not program, diet or regime is effective for them.hypnosis-weight-loss

So where do you go from here? Consider surgery or use medical drugs to help you lose weight?  There are still a lot of ways that you can choose from if you want to lose weight. These alternative ways may not be that famous or socially acceptable, but it does not hurt to try them. One of these alternative method is hypnosis for weight loss.

Hypnotic Alternative

Hypnosis is a type of method that allows your mind to redirect itself to what you really want. This goes that same when you try hypnosis for your diet. But using hypnosis does not mean that your mind will be forced to make your body eat less or exercise more. It is deeper and meaningful than that.

Hypnotherapists explain that hypnosis is not meant to be a diet, but rather an instrument that will help the person realize the following factors:

  1. Eat healthily, correctly and nutritiously.
  2. It changes one’s perception of food and eating.
  3. It will gear the person’s mind into committing to the exercise regime that they decided to take.
  4. Help people experience a multi-sensory well-being where they are strong, healthy and fit and in control of their bodies.
  5. Aids in overcoming people’s mental barriers that hinders them from achieving their goals.
  6. Addresses and resolves a person’s underlying psychological problem that causes them to either hate exercising, experience intense cravings, binge eating (especially at night) or even stress or boredom eating.
  7. Helps people identify their triggers and aid them in stopping it.
  8. Separates one’s emotional issues form food and eating.

How Hypnosis Works

During hypnosis, your mind and body will be in a trance. This means that your whole self is completely blank and you are zoning out from realty. This is where your mind will be guided into making healthy and fit decisions that will boost your weight loss journey. Unlike those hypnosis that we see in the movies or television, you will be well-informed and comfortable throughout the whole process.hypnosis-weight-loss

In addition, those that undergo hypnosis is said to feel lucid and in control every time they have their sessions. Usually, they are guided to experience a new perspective in these aspects:

  1. You are reminded that you have everything you need in order to successfully attain your goals. Trust your body and its innate ability to overcome your health issue.
  2. Focus on positivism and shut down negative thoughts. If you plan to have a lifetime goal then you should cheer yourself on by saying “I need to be healthy. I owe my body that much.”
  3. Only you can set yourself back to the right path. Having the correct mindset and a positive attitude will make your weight loss regime easier.

The Downside of Hypnotism

Basically anyone can use hypnotism in their weight loss program. But along with the pros that this method can bring, it also has its cons. Here are three major factors that will hinder a person from choosing this alternative method.

  • Unhealthy and Sickly Body

The body and mind work hand in hand, and if one is unable to function properly, it will greatly influence the other. If your body is sickly, weak or full of health issues, then your mind can only do so much. Yes it will make you think of eating healthy but your body will not be able to accommodate it. So treat your body’s issues first before you can “reboot” your mind.

  • Price Concerns

Hypnotherapy is a pricey method to maintain. Depending on how long you sessions are or where you are located, the price ranges from $100-$150 an hour.

  • A Person’s Mindset

Yes, anyone can use hypnotism as their alternative weight loss method, but it does not mean that EVERYONE will accept it mentally. There are some people that has a mindset that practically shuts off hypnotism. If you are similar to the description written below, they hypnosis is not meant for you:

  • Those who do not daydream

  • People who find it hard to be engrossed in a book, movie or series

  • If you are not creative at all

Is Hypnosis Really Effective?

“The mind is your most powerful weapon” is what the saying says and it also applies to hypnosis. Having a correct mindset and a positive attitude are two of your greatest weapons against your weight issues. Just think of it this way, even if you are not under hypnosis, if you really, really want to reach your goals, you will program your mind and body in order to reach it. This is the very idea of hypnotism, the only difference is that you have an additional boost as you start your journey and your mind will already know what to do instinctively.

To give my personal opinion to this, I would agree and believe that this type of method can work. It is scientifically possible, mentally doable and emotionally acceptable. I also believe that having the right mentality will take you to your goals faster and will give you with your well-deserved and just reward.

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