Treat Your Breasts Right – 7 Tips on Making Your Breasts Fuller and Tighter

We ladies have a reputation in keeping ourselves pretty, presentable and beautiful all the time. We spend hours in a day just to prepare ourselves and keep ourselves beautiful. At times, we even spend a considerable amount of money just to “up our game”.breastbreast

But most importantly, we do this because we know we have to and that it is healthy for us. One of the most common issues that majority, or even almost all of us, encounters are located at our chest. Yes, our twin sisters can make us more confident and boost our self –esteem. Our breast unavoidably attracts attention whether we like to or not, that is why they need to be perky, proud and firm at all times. I speak for all women when I say that keeping our breasts firm and healthy is not an easy thing to do. But there are some tips and trick that I know that can work wonders for our “perky partners”.

“Why So Sad?” Knowing What Causes Our Breasts to Sag

First and foremost, what comprises our breasts? What is it made up of and why it looks like a deflated balloon when they sag are very common questions all of us have. Let’s start our “perky journey” by knowing what is in them.

First and foremost, our breasts are not made up of muscles. Instead, they are composed of fats, connective tissues and glands that produce milk. That is why they are softer and less firm as compared to other muscle areas in our body.


Next subject matter is why they actually sag and what are the reasons that cause them to “deflate” or loosen up.  Some of these risk factors include the following:

  • Age (above 40)
  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding
  • Excessive exercise
  • Menopause
  • Yo-yo weight gain and loss
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Wearing poorly fitted bra
  • Breast cancer
  • Tuberculosis
  • Excessive alcoholic intake
  • Smoking
  • Increase intake of carbonated beverages
  • Use of birth control pills and other contraceptives
  • Hormonal imbalances

Pamper Your “Ta-Ta’s” The Right Way

  1. Wear the Right Bra

Your bra is your best friend especially when you need to take care of your breasts properly. Invest on good quality products that will give comfort and support to your breasts when worn.  Here are some tips to remember when it comes to bra care.breast

  • Replace your bra if it is already loose and stretched.
  • Ask for assistance to get the right fit of the bra for you when buying it.
  • Use the right type of bra for their corresponding use.
  • Wash your bra properly to prevent stretching.
    • Clasp them together before you put them up for washing
    • Use the gentle cycle of your washing machine for your bras
    • Put your bras on a mesh or laundry bag to avoid stretching them during washing
  1. Exercise

Choosing the right kind of exercise routine can enhance your breast firmness and strength. It can also help your body to become healthier and fitter. Here are some examples of recommended exercises for to lift and perk up your breasts.

  • In everything you do, maintain a good posture at all times.
  • Focus on firming your chest muscles

Chest exercises can be done in order to strengthen you pectoral and arm muscles. By keeping these muscle areas firm, your breasts will look perkier as well. Do these chest work outs at least three times a week with a day’s rest in between.

Swimming is the best form of exercise

When you swim, you use each and every muscle of your body. It also focuses on your arm and chest strength because your arms will mostly do all the work. Plus, it promotes proper breathing which increases your chest muscle strength even more.


Yoga is a good form of exercise

Stretching, relaxing, breathing and flexing will not only aid in your muscle strength and core focus it will also promote proper breathing and oxygen accumulation. Having enough oxygen in your body will also benefit muscle strength.

Do the “C” sweep

Instead of lowering your arms to the sides, try to lower them to the ground above your head. Using weights make sure to lower and raise them with just a few inches apart.

Chest Fly exercise

Lie on the floor and take two hand weights between 3-7 pounds each hand. Bend your elbows slightly then raise your arms until the weights meet each other above your chest. Then slowly lower them until your upper arms are perpendicular to your trunk.


Push –ups is a good form of exercise when done properly and at an even pace. Push-ups target your chest and arm muscles which are vital for breast firmness.

  • Avoid other exercises that cause gravitational pull when done. Some examples are:
    • Forward bends
    • Contracting poses
    • Jogging or running (without wearing support bra)
    • Jumping
    • Strenuous exercises
  1. Sleep the Right Way

Sleeping every night can either affect your breasts in a positive or negative way. Sleep on your back as much as possible. Sleeping on one side for the whole night causes the pull of gravity to stretch and sag the breasts. Sleeping on your back allows no tension to the breasts and there will be less gravitational pull towards it. Plus, it allows symmetricality for both breasts.

  1. Maintain a good weight margin

Try to reach your actual weight goal as much as possible in a slow and steady manner. When you are able to do so, make sure to keep it steady and still as much as possible. Having a yo-yo type of weight loss and gain stretches and makes the skin, fats and ligaments of our breasts to lose its elasticity.

  1. Rearrange Your Lifestyle

Cut down on everything unhealthy in your life. Quit smoking, reduce alcoholic intake and start to eat right. This will not only promote firmer breasts but also a healthier you.

  1. Get the Right Diet

Our breasts need proper nourishment just like any other part of our body. Providing it with a healthy diet can strengthen them and make them perkier. Some “good food” you need to add to your diet should include the following:

  • Nutrient rich food
  • Protein
  • Vitamins
  • Calcium
  • Minerals
  • Carbohydrates
  • Essential Fats
  • Increase fluid intake
  1. Take Your Breasts on a “Spa day”; Mask or Massage Your Breasts

You do not need to go to a fancy and expensive spa just to keep your “ta-ta’s” happy. You can have your own spa date within the comforts of your home. Try out these breast massage or masks at home.

1. Ice-contracts the tissues in your breasts, making them firmer.


Use two ice cubes and massage it in a circular motion with one minute per breast. Make sure you are in a reclined position for 30 minutes after doing this. Do this on a regular interval each day. Makes sure not to overdo it because the cold temperature can cause numbness.

2. Egg White-Eggs have astringent and skin nourishing properties that helps lift lose skin.


Beat one egg white until you have a foamy texture. Apply it on your breasts and leave it there for 30 minutes. Afterwards, wash it off using cucumber or onion juice then cold water.

3. Oil-certain oils like olive, jojoba, almond, avocado and argan have natural health benefits that can help your breasts become firmer and tighter.olive-oil


Warm up the oil by applying it to your hands and rubbing it first. Once warm, rub it over your breasts using your palms in an upward motion. Do this for a good 15 minutes to promote better blood flow and cellular repair. Do this at least 4 to 5 times a week.

4. Fenugreek – is filled with vitamins and minerals that will help nourish your breasts and combat free radicals which inhibits the skin from “lifting up’”.


Combine ¼ cup of fenugreek powder with just enough water to create a pasty mixture. Apply this on your breasts and massage it. Leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes before you can rinse it off using warm water. Do this regime once or twice a week.


Mix ½ cup of yogurt, 10 drops of fenugreek oil, vitamin E oil and 1 egg white altogether until you get a smooth paste texture. Apply it on your breasts and leave it for 30 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water. Apply this mask once a week.

5. Aloe Vera-has natural skin-tightening properties and antioxidants that prevent damage from free radicals and helps get rid of sagging skin.


Directly apply aloe vera on your breasts and massage it in a circular motion for 10 minutes. Let it rest for another 10 minutes before you can rinse it off using warm water. Do this for at least 4-5 times a week.


Mix one tablespoon of aloe vera, mayonnaise and honey and apply this mixture on your breasts for 15 minutes. Rinse it off using warm water first then followed with cold water. Use this mask once a week.

Is Surgery a Good Idea?

Surgeries will always have their side effects no matter how invasive or minimal it can be. If you are up for surgery just for the sake of beauty and not because of health issues, then I strongly disagree with the idea. Surgeries, especially for such an elastic area like breasts, can make you prone to post-operative complications like edema, infection and the likes. Another reason is that you can never expect the surgery to permanently give you the satisfaction you want. Your skin will eventually adjust according to your diet, age, weight and many more factors. This will only disfigure your operation and your “sagging” problem will once again appear. Stick with more natural and healthy ways where you do not have to worry about anything negative.

Remember that your breasts are still a part of your body, so treat it like you would with your entire body. Give it enough exercise, healthy and nutritious food and a safe and comfortable “home” to rest and stay in most of the day.

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