Be Vigilant of These Simple Warning Signs Your Body is Giving Off

Our bodies are indeed a mysteriously amazing creation that we can always rely on. It tells us if we are doing great, if we are healthy and even if we are suffering from a health issue that we have not yet to feel physically or be diagnosed by a doctor. That is why we need to be keen and observant when we feel that something is wrong with us.

Remember that our body works accordingly in a routinely fashion and will continue to work properly without fail as long as we supply it with the right and healthy “fuel” it needs. So once we feel that there is something “off” with how our body acts, it means that our bodies are giving us a “heads-up” that something is wrong. Let me give you some examples of possible warning signs that our bodies give us when there is something wrong with it.

Food Intake

A sudden shift of how you eat and what you want to eat is probably the first signs that you can take note of and be aware of. Usually, when you want something particular to eat, it means that your body is compensating for something that it lacks. Here are some examples of possible sudden shifts in our regular diet.

  • Craving for sweets

When you have a sudden urge to chow down on cakes, chocolates and other sweet delights, then this mean that your body is signaling you that there is something wrong with it. Wanting an increase amount of sugar is due to your

body’s absorption of excessive energy making your gastrointestinal tract to look for more food rich in glucose.

But this does not mean you have to eat two to three slices of cake or a box of doughnut. A good alternative for this is to consume healthy food rich in natural glucose like fruits, honey and even a few pieces of dark chocolate.

  • Wanting sour food

If you suddenly feel the urge to eat sour food when you are usually not a fan of it means that your body is coping up for something that is lacking. This time around, wanting sour food can indicate that your body needs it to stimulate your gallbladder and liver to function properly.

You can opt to help your organs to work better by consuming food that are sour yet nutritious. A few good examples are cranberries and lemon. You can either eat them as fruits or drink them as juices.

  • Craving for salty food

Another sudden shift in food craving that you should take note of is when you have a sudden urge of eating salty food. This craving can be a sign of your body having either an inflammatory attack or an infection.

You can fight these possible onset of unhealthy invaders before they can do further harm. You can do so by increasing your iodine intake with the help of eating seafood or even adding iodized salt in your meal instead of your regular salt.

  • Severe thirst


It is common for us to become thirsty once in a while. But when you suffer from severer thirst, it can lead to possible dehydration of your body. But you need to be alarmed even more if your severe thirst is accompanied by nausea and fatigue, because this can be a warning sign that your heart or kidneys are not functioning properly. These symptoms can also be correlated as early signs of Type II Diabetes Mellitus.

If you ever feel these two symptoms while you suffer from sever thirst, it is best to go have yourself checked by your nearest doctor. Whether it is dehydration or kidney problems, you need to take these warning signs seriously and act immediately

Sudden Change in Your Usual Daily Activity

The second sign that you will probably notice is that your body will alter your usual daily activity or routine all of a sudden. The reason why I said that it is the second sign we usually observe is because our natural reaction to a sudden change in our body is “this must be nothing harmful” and we tend to ignore it unless it happens for the second, third and the “nth” time.

These sudden changes should not be taken for granted. Remember that our body is like a machine that works in an orderly and routine fashion. So when you feel your body shift from its usual routine without your instructing it, then there is something wrong with it. Here are the most common types of physical changes that we can observe:

  • Leg cramps, poor sleep and irritability

All these three changes is due to the lack of Magnesium and Potassium in our body. Magnesium is needed for our bodies to have strong muscles, nerves, regular blood sugar levels and blood pressure. Protein is located in each and every cell in our body and is needed for them to function properly.

To help our body correct this, you need to do it as early as possible by adjusting your diet and include foods rich in Magnesium and Protein. Some examples are green leafy vegetables lie kale, beet root and spinach. You can also add banana, sunflower seed, wheat bread and almonds to your everyday menu.

  • Severe headache


A severe, unbearable headache is not something that you can just ignore. This is one of the major warning signs of our body that needs immediate attention. These type of pain cannot be dismissed with rest or pain relievers. It can be due to several health problems like migraine, stroke, blood clot or even a tumor.

When you experience this type of pain, do not hesitate to ask for immediate help. Go to the nearest medical facility available and have a doctor see you as soon as possible. Make sure you are accompanied by someone so that you can be assisted as you go to the medical facility.

  • Chest pain

Chest pain is another major warning sign of your body. Once again, if your feel a sudden, painful heaviness on your chest, do not ignore it. Seek professional help immediately and once again, make sure you are accompanied by someone as much as possible.

If you have other symptoms such as difficulty of breathing, pressure on your upper body, dizziness or even extreme fatigue accompanying your chest pain, take note of them because it will help your doctor when you are being assessed.

  • Fatigue

Unexplained fatigue is observed when you still feel tired and weak even if you had enough rest and sleep. Even if you have eaten well, you still feel that fatigue sensation. Basically, whatever you do, you feel fatigued. This can be a sign that your body has nutritional imbalance issues. Some examples of nutritional imbalances include thyroid problems, diabetes, food intolerance and many more.

You can start to avoid these nutritional imbalances by changing your usual eating habit and make it healthier. For example, you can lessen your caffeine intake and start drinking healthy natural fruit juices. But the best way to go is to eat healthier and more nutritious food.

Sudden Bodily Changes

Bodily changes are the last and probably the hardest to pinpoint because we tend to be too familiar with our image and physical appearance that we sometimes tend to forget to have a regular check-up on ourselves. In the end, we notice the change a little too late.

Nevertheless, it is not yet too late to start having a routine check on your physical appearance to see if any changes have occurred. Remember, the earlier you get to see the change, the earlier it can be treated and prevented. Here are some of the most commonly neglected signs of our body that needs our attention:

  • Change in nails and hair

A visible sign of unhealthy hair and nails is that it becomes brittle and easily breakable. This is due to the lack of Vitamin B in our body. In addition, a decrease in our body’s calcium content adds to the rapid deterioration and breakage of our hair and nails.

Having a healthier diet rich in vitamin B and calcium is a good way to fight against hair and nails weakening. Eat food such as milk, dairy products, potatoes, legumes wheat bread and vegetables to give you an added boost of vitamin B and calcium.

  • Dry skin

When you notice that you suddenly have dry and almost flaky skin, it means that your body lacks the essential vitamins needed to keep it healthy. That vitamin is none other than vitamin E. If you also have dry skin on elbows, it means that you are also lacking Vitamin A and C as well.

You can bring back your skin’s natural soft and healthy state by eating the right food for it. Eat foods rich I vitamin E like fish, vegetable oil and nuts. For vitamin A and C we have carrots, pumpkin, orange, lemon, apricot and many more.

  • Gum bleeding

Gum bleeding, especially during the morning when you just woke up, is another sign that your body lack its much needed vitamin supply. That particular vitamin is vitamin C.

You can prevent gum bleeding from happening if you boost up on your vitamin C consumption. Eat food rich in vitamin C such as citrus fruits like orange, lemon and cranberry. You can also add garlic and vegetables to your diet as well.

  • Irregular bowel movement

There are indeed some times that our bowel movement tend to become irregular. But it returns back to its original “schedule” once our bodies adjust back to its regular routine. But if the irregularity extends for more than days then your body is undergoing a crisis in digestion and expulsion. Irregular bowel movement can be due to several gastrointestinal problems like Chronic Idiopathic Constipation (CIC) or Irritable Bowel Movement (IBM).

With the help of professionals digestive issues can be best assessed and treated. So before you start to adjust your diet or even take medications, consult your nearest physician first before doing anything else.

  • Change of vision

A sudden or gradual change in vision is a very vital warning sign that you should keep track of. Because alteration in your vision can be caused by refractive errors that has several branches. Some examples of refractive errors include Hyperopia (farsightedness) and Astigmatism (due to irregular shape of your corneas). If not treated immediately, it can lead to more fatal illnesses. Such examaples include Glaucoma, Cataract, blindness secondary to Diabetes, cardio Vascular Disease related blindness and many more.

The best way to prevent these illnesses from happening is by going to your Optometrist as earl as possible. In addition, continuous care and follow-ups to your doctor is best advised to have a more accurate care plan for your eyesight.

  • Sudden loss of weight

Losing weight is fine if you make an effort to actually lose it, like going on a diet or having to do exercises. But once you lose weight even without you doing anything at all, you are subjected to possible health conditions. It can be due to hormonal imbalances like Thyroid problems and Diabetes Mellitus or it can be psychologically triggered like depression.

To properly address your weight loss issue, you need to consult your physician first. From there, the both of you will make a holistic health plan that you can use in order to regain your weight back.

  • Dark circles under your eyes

Eye bags are known as the dark circles under your eyes and it is another warning sign that your body uses to alert you. For people who have suddenly had eye bags appear under their eyes, it can be because of several different factors. One is because of the medications that they take, another is due to their blood supply lacking oxygen. But the most famous cause of it is because of sleeplessness and fatigue.

To get rid of unwanted eye bags try to get enough rest and sleep. It also helps to have your liver checked because another possible cause of eye bags is related to liver problems.

  • Joint pain

For those that are either having excessive exercise or no exercise at all, joint pain is common. But once it becomes unbearable, it can be because of a problem within your body.

Regardless if you are over exerting your exercise or not having any at all, experiencing a severe, unbearable pain on your joints can indicate something bad happening inside your body. It can be a sign of inflammation of your tendons, torn ligaments or worse joint related diseases. These diseases include the likes of Arthritis, Tendonitis, Osteoarthritis, Gout, Hepatitis and many more.

Having the right type and amount of exercise can help alleviate and prevent these health issues if you start early. Another way to help treat these problems is to consult your orthopedic doctor.

  • Irregular freckles or moles

If you happen to notice a newly formed, irregular mole or freckle in any part of your body then it is a sign that something is wrong with it. These “spots” are usually asymmetric in form. They are also unevenly colored or sometimes an old mole or freckle suddenly changes its usual appearance.

The sudden change is due to the increase amount of melanoma found in your skin. An alteration of its amount is a sign of your skin being unhealthy. If not treated properly, it can eventually end being a skin disease or worse skin cancer.

In order to prevent melanoma from increasing its production, you can do proper skin care and skin safety. Avoid being exposed too much to sunlight and use appropriate sunblock items whenever you go outside. Try avoiding other extreme sources of UV rays. Being exposed to sunlight at around noon time to three in the afternoon is one good example. Another activity that you need to stay clear of is going to tanning salons. Try also to avoid having your skin being extremely tanned under direct sunlight.

Being vigilant when it comes to your health is a good way to keep yourself in check and free from illnesses and diseases. Always remember that prevention is better than cure. Being aware of your health condition is your best offense against being unhealthy.

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