10 Effective Libido Enhancing Food that You Need to Try



As a person grows up into maturity, they will eventually find a partner get involved in a very deep and meaningful connection. Keeping a healthy relationship between couples includes being “intimately active” both physically and emotionally. Let’s face it, this type of “intimacy” is the key to making your bond stronger, personal and it’s what makes you and your partner feel that certain “connection” that fuels your relationship to a deeper level.

The only problem is that sometimes, we lack that “feeling” that is needed to “get things started” in the bedroom. Yes, there comes a time when our very own “libido” seems to vacate our body and as much as we want to, we can’t feel that urge to become intimate with our partner. This can be frustrating at times and others would turn to medication just to correct this problem.



Libid-Don’t Leave Me

Having to lose our eagerness for being intimate is a very bothersome problem especially if it occurs more frequently than it should. Some major causes of this can either be internally or externally triggered like:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Being Overweight
  • Unhealthy Diet
  • Fatigue
  • Overwork
  • Sleep Deprivation

It does not only affect you but your partner and your relationship altogether.  What others fail to realize is that everything that our body produces can be corrected and treated in a nutritional level and this includes our body’s lack of “libido” or sexual urge.

What we eat can help increase our libido more than we give it credit for. Eating the right amount of foods rich in vitamins like vitamin E and vitamin A, fatty acids, protein, zinc and many more can correct your body’s metabolism and can elevate your sex drive.

Aphrodisiac Food

In addition, there are certain food groups that release specific hormone enhancing properties that trigger our sexual urge. Some food can even trigger our “libido” by just the sight, smell, texture and taste of it. So as you can see, our “libido” can be triggered either through nutritional process or psychological means or even both depending on the food we eat. Luckily, Mother Nature has provided us a bountiful array of “aphrodisiac food” that we can eat to make our sex life more lively and active.

1. Naughty Fruits and Vegetables

Who knew that eating certain fruits and vegetables can enhance your sex life? This is all because of the fact that both fruits and vegetables are jam packed and loaded with nutritional benefits that our body can use. Here are some examples of libido enhancing fruits and veggies.

a. Figs

The physical appearance of this fruit itself is enough to give anyone who eats it a libido boost. It is psychologically and fundamentally compared to females due to its fleshy texture accompanied by its syrup feel which also has a seed filled center.

Nutritionally speaking, this fruit has the mineral magnesium that is a key element when our body needs to produce the sex hormones androgen (for men) and estrogen (for women). This in turn stimulates fertility and enhances the body’s release of pheromones.  It also has an amino acid called nitric oxide with aids not only in expanding blood vessels but also increases blood flow to all parts of our body, including our “private parts”.

b. Avocadoavocado

Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fats, potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin E and folic acid when combined becomes a powerful libido-boosting sex vitamin. They all function as antioxidants that keep your body feeling young and energetic plus it increases the oxygen level in your blood and promotes better blood flow.

c. Watermelon

Yes watermelon consists mostly of water (92%), but the remaining percentage of it (8%) has loads of sex-enhancing properties. Lycopene, citrulline and beta-carotene can all be found in this juicy and succulent fruit.  Slurping this nutritious fruit can help your body relax its blood vessels and boost your sex drive. Studies even show that the effect of watermelon in our body is similar to how Viagra works.

d. Asparagus

Sporting its long, fleshy stalk, it is said that asparagus symbolizes the male sexual organ. But what’s more important is that asparagus has a high amount of folate and vitamin B6 that can boost one’s arousal and orgasm.

2. Going Nuts for Nuts and Root Crops

If you like nibbling on nuts or even adding certain root crops in your diet then your sex drive can be healthy and present most of the time. Here are some examples of these foods.


a. Almonds and Walnuts

Snacking up on these nuts gives the body a good boost of energy and prolongs its stamina. They are also a good source of selenium which increases your body’s fertility level and omega-3 fatty acids that promote better blood flow.

b. Ginseng

Ginseng is probably the most common ingredient found in energy drink and even sexual stimulants because of its ability to boost up one’s sex drive, energy and stamina all in one go. Just make sure to eat natural ginseng to avoid those excess sugar contents that most energy drinks have.

3. Something Fishy

Seafood is always a must when it comes to enhancing our sex drive for a good reason. This food group has particular components that can boost one’s libido in no time. Here are some examples of libido inducing seafood.

a. Oysters


Probably the most famous aphrodisiac food ever known is the oyster. It appearance alone can be sexually stimulating. Eating it creates that “tingly feeling” due to its moist, juicy and slippery texture.

But what tops this seafood is its high amount of zinc, a mineral that is vital to testosterone production in men. It also has two amino acids namely D-aspartic acid and N-methyl-D-aspartate which increases the production of sex hormones. Finally, it has hefty amounts of vitamins B12 which enlarges the blood vessels and promote better blood circulation.


b. Fatty Fish

Eating fatty fish like tuna, sardines and salmon can give your body a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids which is good for your heart and blood flow. It is also high in protein and a very good source of vitamin B6 that also aids in better blood flow and blood production. In turn, this fishy delight can boost your sexual mood and keep you going for a long period of time.

4. Sweets and Spices for My Sweet

Any sexy entrée is not complete without the presence of dessert and some spices that can, well literally sweeten and spice up ones sex life. Here are some examples of sweets and spices that can enhance your libido.

a. Chocolate

Another great contender that is probably at par with oysters is chocolate. Its indulgent flavor, sweet taste and delectable deliciousness can put anyone in a sexual state for good reasons. Chocolate can help boost your “mood” by increasing the serotonin and dopamine levels of your body. These are neurotransmitters that triggers your body’s “feel good” sensation. It also has antioxidants called flavanols which helps relax blood vessels and promote better blood flow.

b. Saffronsaffron

Known as an expensive spice, saffron is recognized not only for its stomach healing properties but also its boost in ones sex life. Adding this spice in your soup, rice or even stew can boost your blood flow and libido.

Keeping a healthy and intimate relationship with the help of an active sex life can strengthen your bond with your partner. Just remember that having a healthy “libido” requires several nutritional factors that act altogether to give you that sexual sensation you need to keep your partner, your relationship and most especially yourself satisfied and healthy in a personal and deep level.

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